I weigh 28.2 lbs on the moon.

Let me tell you a secret, only if you promise not to tell anybody. I don’t weigh myself. I think I weigh around 170lbs, but I might be off. You might be thinking, “But Jonathan, aren’t you a personal trainer? Shouldn’t you be concerned about your weight?”Well I’m not. My goal is not weight loss. My goal is concerned with the amount of work I do in the gym. Most of my clients want to lose X amount of weight and that’s the problem. My clients are focused on losing something and not focusing on gaining something. When you go into the gym, think about what you can gain from the amount of work you will do. Think of the long term benefits instead of the short term. Losing that last five pounds is, in my book, considered short term and in fact your body fluctuates three to five pounds a day. That means your body will be heavier or lighter by three to five pounds. So to me, that doesn’t seem like a long term goal. Long term would be, being able to play with your kids or grand-kids, climbing the stairs without being winded, or being able to complete a marathon. My clients are so focused on the negative, losing X, and not realizing that they need to focus on the positive, gaining health benefits. If you spend a lot of energy on trying to lose that last five pounds, counting calories, making sure you don’t miss a work ect… you will not lose it. Trust me on this; I have seen it time and time again. Now if your goal is major weight loss, then this is a different story. But from now on, stop worrying about losing and think about gaining. You will be happier. Trust me!

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