Five Go To Meals

One of the biggest aspects of my clients success is strictly their diet. I have one client who needs a lot of my help. So much help that I actually created five go to meals for him. I thought I would share this with you all and hopefully take something from it. Enjoy!

Meal number 1: Fish with lemon and asparagus

Items needed:
Skinless salmon, tilapia, halibut or mahi-mahi – make sure it is wild caught and previously frozen
Parchment paper
Small amount of butter or olive oil
Onion (optional)

What to do:
Pre-heat oven to 400-425 degrees (depending on oven)
Roll out the parchment paper and fold it in half and cut a heart out of it.(see link below)
Put the asparagus in the center on one end of your parchment heart, pile on your fish
Season fish with salt, pepper, dill, garlic, and a spread of butter (add onion or other veggie if you wish)
From here fold over the side of the heart and fold the edges over, so you make a fish parchment pie where nothing can leak out. This may take some time. Here is a great tutorial if you need it.
Make one parchment pie per 6-10 ounces of fish. You may need to do this 2-3 times depending on how many servings you want.
Place finished parchment pies on cookie sheet and place in the oven for 15-20 minutes.
Fish is done when flakes
Be cautious as it will steam.

Meal number 2: Turkey tacos on romaine

Items needed:
One pound of lean ground turkey
One onion
One red or green pepper or both
Low sodium black beans
Stalk of romaine
Olive oil
Taco seasoning

What to do:
Wash and dry the romaine stalk
In a pan, pour olive oil in to coat the bottom and heat on medium
Cut up one half an onion
Cut one or all the peppers
Cut up garlic
Place a bit of salt in the pan and add all your fresh cut veggies and garlic
Let the onions, garlic and peppers cook for about 5 mins, once they start sizzle and smell good add your turkey
Once turkey is added season with salt, pepper and taco seasoning to your likening
Drain the black beans and add to the pan once the turkey starts to brown up.
Everything is done when you can no longer see pink on the turkey
Break off the romaine leaves and add the turkey mix
Add a little cheese, salsa or hot sauce and enjoy like a regular taco, but without the processed carbs of shells or tortillas.
This makes a lot for left-overs for lunch or dinner!
Avocado or guacamole can be added

Meal number 3:BBQ Chicken breast with Asparagus

Items needed:
Boneless chicken breast (size and how many depend on how much you want to cook – I’d start with 2)
Molasses BBQ sauce (Stubbs and Weber make great BBQ sauces)
Gallon zip lock bag
Olive oil

What to do:
Take the chicken breast and place in gallon zip lock bag
Pour in about half the bottle of BBQ, seal up your bag and let this sit in your fridge for at least an hour. If you can do this step the night before or morning before the better.
Once the chicken has marinated, heat up your Foreman and cook your chicken like regular
Put some olive oil in a pan and place your asparagus in with some salt and pepper and cook on medium heat
Asparagus is done once it starts to become “soggy”

Meal number 4: Lemon pork chops with sweet potatoes

Items needed:
Pork chops (2-4 depending on what you want to cook)
Sweet potatoes (about 2)
Olive oil
Brown sugar

What to do:
Heat up the Forman and grease with a little olive oil
Cut the lemon in half and squirt it on both side of each pork chop
Season each side of the chop with salt, pepper and dill
Cook the chops on Foreman and squirt just a bit more lemon on once they are on
Wash and scrub sweet potatoes
Polk holes in the sweet potatoes and cook in microwave for 5-10 mins
Sweet potatoes are done once mushy
Season sweet potatoes with honey and brown sugar (or butter)

Meal Number 5: Steak and Broccoli fries

Items needed:
Steak! Top sirloin, New York or your favorite
A head of broccoli
Olive oil
Steak or grill season (salt and pepper work)
Aluminum foil
Cookie sheet

What to do:
Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees
Wash, dry and break up the broccoli, discard a lot of the stems
Cut up the garlic
Put the broccoli in a bowl with garlic
Add olive oil, salt and pepper and mix everything up, make sure that broccoli is coated in a thin layer of olive oil
Put aluminum foil over cookie sheet
Lay out broccoli on cookie sheet and make sure there is some space between all the pieces
Cook in oven for about 15-20 mins
They are done once they start to crisp or brown
Season the steak with your choice of seasoning
Heat up the Forman and cook your steak to your liking (medium rare to medium fits my tastes)

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