Four Ways To Become Fit And Successful

Hello fitness fans and enthusiasts! It has been a long time and I am back! A lot has happened in my absence; vacations, job changes, and political landscapes! But fear not, fitness has not changed while I was away. Let’s get this this post started with a simple and fun post; four ways to become fit and successful. Here we go:

1.) Eat Real Food

I hope this one is a no brain-er. In today’s world of fast food, cheap meals and arguments about meat eaters vs. vegetarians, lets agree that eating whole real food is better than eating anything heavily processed. My rule of thumb is if you have to ask if something is good or not to eat, it probably isn’t. Another rule of thumb, if they have to advertise it to you, it probably isn’t good for you. When was the last commercial you heard or saw for broccoli? Plain and simple, eat like an adult. Eat some fruits, veggies, some grains, some sort of lean protein and a healthy fat. Don’t know portion size? Take a look at the palm of your hand, that’s your serving size. But Jonathan, I thought this was a post about being fit AND successful? Don’t fret, once you start to eat real foods, not only will you start to feel better, but you will start to create positive habits. Some of these positive habits could include but are not limited to: getting eight hours of sleep, waking up the same time everyday, walking to the gym, reading more instead of watching TV. The list is endless and only limited to you.

2.) Drink More Water

Think about how much water you had today. I can almost guarantee it hasn’t been enough. Experts say you need three liters or 96 ounces a day for healthy living. Water is super important to the human body, it helps starve off cravings, can help maintain or lose weight, flushes out toxins, and can help with headaches. These are just a few examples of what water can do for you. The body can survive about two to three weeks without food and only three days without water. Think about that! I can almost bet, if you start drinking more water you will gain another positive habit! Drinking enough water a day could help you understand and regulate what you are putting into your body. With enough water throughout the day, you could be more active. Proper water intake can help boost energy levels, immune defense and like I said help with headaches. How many days have been effected by being sick, low energy or having a headache or migraine?

3.) Do Something That Makes You Sweat For 45-60 Minutes A Day

I don’t care what it is that makes you sweat, gardening, gym time (my favorite) chores around the house, walking up a hill or playing with your kids. Just move and sweat for at least 45 minutes. That’s it! Do this three to four times a week. Just like water, working out or sweating for an hour a day has numerous benefits; it can increase immune defense, ward off stress, boost energy levels and detox the body are just a few examples. Again just like water, working out could make you more productive throughout the day thus increasing your likelihood for success.

4.) Know When To Rest

Rest is just as important if not more important than working out. Knowing to rest has numerous benefits as well; rebuilds muscles, reduces stress, reduces inflammation and improves memory. If all those traits were improved, think of how more productive and successful your day can be? Instead of forgetting about the cookies for little Johnny’s soccer game, stressing over it, increasing your already inflamed muscles and body from the grueling workout, causing a migraine; you could have slept for eight hours the night before instead of binge watching Netflix til 1 a.m. Rest isn’t just regulated to sleep, knowing when to take a day or two from working out or doing strenuous activity is considered rest. Knowing when to rest, is as you guess it, another positive habit!

5.) Give More Than Expected

See what I did there? If you give more than expected, not only is it another positive habit, but you could be known as the person who goes that extra mile in a literal and business sense. So when your boss says be there at 8 a.m., show up at 7:30 a.m. When you want to give up at the one mile mark, run that extra half mile or mile. When everybody else is doing three sets of 10 reps, do four sets of 10 (or some variation) Giving that little extra will be uncomfortable but it will show what you’re made of. It will build character and confidence, two things I think that are lacking in today’s world. So get out there, do a fourth set, show up early and get uncomfortable! You will not regret it!


As a side note: if you are spending your time in a place or with people who bring you down or are not going anywhere, it might be time to change. They say you’re only as good as the people you spend the most time with. So I ask you, how many successful, happy, positive habit people are you spending time with?

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