It’s not my job to do yours.

As a trainer, a lot of clients will come to you thinking you are the answer to all their fitness problems. They may think that just because they are working out with you X amount of days per week that they are released from the liability of their own actions. If they gain a few pounds, it’s our fault. If they don’t look like they wanted, it’s our fault. If they don’t achieve whatever they wanted, it’s our fault. I’m here to tell you it is not, IT IS YOUR FAULT! It’s time to take accountability for your own actions. That night of drinking wine and eating rich heavy foods is the reason you are not achieving your goals; not mine. That extra workout you scheduled, but at the last minute cancelled is the reason you are not elevating your performance; not mine. It is so easy to place the blame on to somebody or something else. Some of us are too proud and will not swallow our pride when we know the only reason we didn’t get where we wanted was because of ourselves. I am here to help, motivate, inspire and guide you where you want to go. You make the choices outside the gym, which to me, are the most important decisions you make. Maybe you should stay home instead of hitting happy hour with your work buddies? Maybe you don’t need that cheesecake at desert? The choice is yours and only yours. job

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